Hello and welcome to the new Swedish Islands Website!


Hello and welcome to the new Swedish Islands website. The first Swedish Islands project started life as a 20 page printed guide specifically talking about the southern archipelago in Gothenburg. Since 2006, it has expanded and now covers the northern archipelago outside Gothenburg too. Not to get too much of a good thing, we have also uploaded some information on some of the other west coast islands and some of the islands in Stockholm’s archipelago. There will be more additions as soon as we get the chance to visit more islands.


So why write the guide?

Well, to be honest, when I first visited Gothenburg, I was amazed to find out how accessible the islands actually are. To catch a tram and then a ferry on the same fare was something that would have cost a fortune in my home country. With the travel expenses aside (or lack of them), I was taken in by the islands beauty and uniqueness and the fact that there are no cars on them. It makes a refreshing change. This has now mutated into an almost obsession of wanting to know about all the islands in Sweden. It’s a tough task to talk about all of them but the aim is to have as many island reviews up as possible.


So, what can I expect from this guide?

Every island that is reachable by public transport has been reviewed by this guide. It is my intention to point out what is good about each particular island and what each island has in the way of facilities and swimming areas.


Swimming? This is Sweden. Are you kidding?

You shouldn’t be that surprised. During the summertime, temperatures can reach near 30 degrees (centigrade that is) and the island beaches are usually the place where people go.


Wow. I never knew that. What else is in the guide?

There is also information on where to pick up a timetable and what to expect at Saltholmen, Gothenburg or Vaxholm (+ other ports), Stockholm where the ferries leave from. There is also a small report on islands that are hard to reach by public transport.


So, I should really see the islands while I am here in Gothenburg or Stockholm? Will I have time?

Well, hopefully, this guide will make your choice of island easy to make. You won’t have time to see all the islands in 1 day. You might not have time to see them in a week but if you read this guide, you will be able to choose one that will either have a lot to see or be able to choose one where you can relax. The choice is yours.