Although Grinda is one of the smaller islands in the middle archipelago, it is immensely popular in the summer time mainly because of its amenities. Within easy reach of the ferry port you will find a handy sign that will guide you to the left or the right. To the left, you will find the southern pier and information house. To the right (where many people will go), you will find the northern pier, restaurant, small shop (that sells great bread!) and camping space. If that isn’t enough, the island also has a hostel and has summer houses.

All of the above are on your walk to the small swimming spot and are hard to miss. The swimming spot has a sandy beach and it is fairly easy to take a dip here. The rest of Grinda is made up of trees, fields and nature trails that make the island a beautiful island to walk on. If you are looking for a camping experience but also want your amenities then this island will be for you. If you want to swim, then Grinda ofers that too but be aware that other islands have better swimming spots than this. The island is small so anybody wanting a long hike should look elsewhere otherwise Grinda is recommended for a day out.

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