One of the largest islands in the south, Runmarö has 3 ferry ports all located on the west to north named Styrsvik, Gatan and Långvik. If you get off at Styrsvik, then the obvious route is straight ahead, taking you right to the east side of the island. As you start your walk, you will notice a pub to your left and a local shop just in case you want to buy some nibbles. As you continue down this path, signs will point out a bakery, a ceramic workshop and farm shop. A bit further down the track, you will see a sign for a garden shop that is also the direction of the first bathing spot.  Without a beach, this spot is not the best place to take a dip but it’s one of the rare spots that you can actually do it on this island.

This path will eventually lead you to Söderby Brygga that will present you with a good view of the coast and summer homes. If you follow the path to your right and go through the houses, you will probably find some sheep and goats in an enclosure with the path leading you to deep forest. Unless you like hiking then this is the point where you will probably turn around and go back the way you came.

If you have chosen to get off at Långvik, then again, there is a main path that you’ll probably follow. When you reach the end of this, the path to the right will lead you to Gatan and the other will take you around the northern side of the island. There are no obvious places to swim here and most of the scenery is open countryside or forest, so for those looking for bathing spots will be disappointed. There are quite a number of trails leading through the forests with one leading to a community of houses set up for writers called “Ruthska författarhusen”.

The only sandy parts of the island are near Gatan but you won’t see many setting up here to swim. Located near the ferry port, this part of the island has high boat traffic and most of these sandy areas (if not all) seem to be set up for boats.

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