If you are one to go off the beaten track and have maybe ventured to Hasselö already, then you might want to try Idholmen / Mjölkilen. Although one and the same, the island is really split up with these two ferry ports. The island is fairly small and is therefore easy to see in a small amount of time and offers up the same islands homes and forest that the other smaller islands have. The one noticeable difference here is the fact that there are quite a few sandy beaches dotted around the coastline that make good spots for swimming. The only drawback to coming here is the lack of amenities so if you do intend on making it to this island then my advice is to take your own food.

All in all, Idholmen is not an island I would recommend if you want to see and do a lot of things but the sandy beaches and nature trails may make it worthwhile for a select few.

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