Hasselö & Hasselkobben

If you are one to go off the beaten track and explore then there are a multitude of small islands to choose from. Hasselö and Hasselkobben are just 2 of them in the south and both offer up their own charm.

Being the next stop on from Runmarö from Stavsnäs, these islands take approximately 30 minutes to get to and both offer up a selection of island homes to take a look at.  If you get off at Hasselkobben, you’ll be able to take a look at some large summer homes in no time at all because the island is not very big. This means you’ll be back at the ferry port before you know it because there aren’t very many decent spots to take a dip either.

Does Hasselö fair any better? Well, slightly. If you follow the main path from the ferry port, you’ll see some summer homes, shrouded by scattered forest until you get to a field. If you find the opening to your left and follow the path, you will get to a spot where you could potentially take a dip but the lack of sandy beach may well put you off. Take the path to your right and you’ll be making your way through some forest towards the more populated part of the island. Here you will find some excellent example of summer houses accompanied by some steep climbing if you want to see the rest of Hasselö. Again, you will be confronted by another pier that looks ok to swim near but comes without sand again.

Hasselö and Hasselkobben are small islands that may present some nice summer houses but the lack of decent swimming areas and no amenities will put some people off.

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