Welcome to Stockholm's archipelago!
Stockholm itself is made up of several islands that connect with bridges. Commonly referred to as the ”Venice of the north”, you’ll be stepping onto an island if you have ever been to Gamla Stan or Djurgården. For the purpose of this guide, we are only going to focus on the islands that require a boat to get to them and the only real way of getting to the islands is to use Waxholmsbolaget, Stockholm’s ferry service.
Unfortunately, the islands do come at a price and normal tickets purchased with SL (Stockholm’s public traffic) are not valid. To add to this, Stockholm plays host to some 20,000+ approximate islands and islets which means your choice can be very difficult. The purpose of this guide (as with Gothenburg and the west coast) is to make that choice easier for you. At the time of writing, we have only explored a handful of islands so far and when we visit more, a review will be posted up.
Waxholmsbolaget divide the archipelago up into 3 parts namely the south, the middle and the north. If you are looking for a small trip from the centre of Stockholm then the middle archipelago is probably the choice otherwise be prepared for a long journey for the southern and northern archipelagos.

The Stockholm section is under development so stay tuned for more islands appearing soon.