The last island that you’ll be able to reach on the Stavsnäs line is Hagede, an island where the ferry will stay docked until it has to make its way back to Stavsnäs again.  Once on the island, the paths to the left and right can be tricky to spot but after a small walk around, you should be able to see them. The path to the left will take you towards an open field where a quick diversion to your right will take you to a possible spot to swim. Although there is no sandy beach here, there is the open field behind you so it’s more feasible to stay here a while if you want to. Although the path can lead you towards following the electricity pilons, I would recommend against this, as the terrain can be unpredictable although looking perfectly ok to walk on. The nature trails here are very overgrown at the writing of this review, which is a real shame as there is another part of this island that you just can’t seem to get to.

If you follow the path to the right of the ferry port, you will see some very well maintained homes that are scattered about the island. The path does eventually come to a dead end, resulting in a walk back to the ferry again.

Hagede is a well maintained island but falls short on spots to swim and doesn’t have any shops or restaurants. Some of the nature trails are not so user friendly but if you like hiking, you might be tempted to have a go at this. It’s not an island I would recommend to travel to, as it is really just for summer homes and little else.

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