Stora Förö

Stora Förö is one of the smaller islands to be featured in this guide. As soon as you leave the ferry, you get the impression that this island is very well looked after. In fact, upon a visit to this island, I saw a number of people chopping down overgrown bushes and tidying up the bathing area. But it is certainly easy to see why they keep this island in such good condition due to it being an area of conservation and countryside.

Once on the island, you will see the only store in front of you called ”delfin” (dolphin), which is also the name of the society that owns Stora Förö. To the right, you will find the bathing area which is child friendly and features a long platform that leads out towards the sunken rocks. Although there is no sand, the bathing area has a good size grassy bank to rest on. The rest of this area also includes a toilet, a playground and a pavilion.

If you are not one to take it easy, then you can always follow the path that leads direct from the ferry. This path will lead you right around the island and takes some time to complete. The path is easy to follow due to fact that it has been constructed by the islanders and is made up of loose stones and gravel. Along the way, you will find many ponds and summer cottages that have been there since the 1930s.

The only drawback to travelling to this island is that the ferries are limited. They run approximately every 3 hours and you will have to return to Saltholmen if you want to catch another ferry to go to another island. But if you want to see a well kept island that is full of countryside and traditional summer cottages, then this island is for you.

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