Vargö (pronounced Varry-er) literally means ”Wolf Island” if translated directly. It is therefore ironic and a relief that there are no wolves on this island to mention. In fact, the closest you will get to an animal on this island is a sheep. But casting names aside, Vargö is one of the smaller islands that is classified as a nature reserve. Here, you will find many varieties of wild flowers, birds and shellfish.

Once the ferry has dropped you off at the harbour, you will walk down the only path that leads through the reserve. The walk takes around 5 to 10 minutes until you reach ”Bälviken”. Unfortunately, the sandy part of the island is usually mixed up with a large amount of seaweed, so finding a spot may prove difficult here. If you look towards the rocks, there are plenty of spots you can choose from.

Another important factor to remember about Vargö is that there are no convenience stores. If you make your way to this island, the best advice is to pack a cooling bag and have a picnic. The only facility that is available here is a toilet which is within easy reach from ”Bälviken”.

The main plus point of Vargö is ”Bälviken” itself, a lagoon that offers a swimming area with no rocks on the seabed. In fact, you have to wade out a fair distance before you reach any type of seaweed to trouble you. This makes the whole area easy to swim in and is shallow enough for toddlers to enjoy a wave of the water.

The other part of the island is mainly made up of granite rock cliff tops that offer a great view of some of the islands featured in this guide. However, there are some tricky rock climbing routes on the east side of towards ”Minkviken”. If you do want to venture along this part of coastline, be aware there are loose and wobbly rocks that you will have to careful about. On the east part of the island, there is a small rock face that offers a 10 metre drop into the water and is frequently used for diving.

After your day on Vargö is finished, you will need to make your way back along the same entrance route to the ferry. The ferries to this island are limited and you will probably have a three hour gap between each ferry. But, if you are the type that like taking it easy and are not afraid of getting your toes wet, three hours will pass quickly. However, if you are the type that itches for something to do, then Vargö does not offer anything in the way of shops or bars to keep you occupied.

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