Along with Stora Förö, Knarrholmen has only 1 ferry that frequents the island. This can be a major drawback if you want to see more for your ticket fare. Not to say that Knarrholmen is a bad place to visit but it is only 1km from top to bottom and as you can imagine, it does not take long to see this island in its entirety.

So why should someone visit this island? Well, there are a few plus points. Knarrholmen offers a very sandy beach and a good swimming area with a long L-shaped pier. If you are not one for sand, then it also has a large grassy area near the beach with a crazy golf course.

Knarrholmen also has a few viewing spots to check out. The first spot is quite near the ferry harbour and overlooks Lilla Knarrholmen, a smaller island with the same name. There is a table and some seats available here if you need to take a rest and enjoy the view. Towards the west side of the island, you will see some small summer houses with a rock climb behind them. If you can climb up, you can also get a great view from here.

The south part of the island mainly consists of summer cottages and a small shop. If you do venture down here, the area has a private feel to it and really has no swimming areas or views to check out. So the main advice would be to stick to the northern part of Knarrholmen.

As it has been said with Stora Förö and Vargö, if you are looking for a whole day of things to do, this island is not the one for you. But if you like laying on a great sandy beach and taking a dip, then this could well do the trick.

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