The largest island within the southern archipelago is Brännö and it is also the most mentioned island in Swedish songs, thanks mainly to Lasse Dahlquist (singer/songwriter/actor) who lived and is buried on the island. Brännö was also the most strategic island for seamen and has been used for this purpose by Norway and Denmark.

So, apart from the history aspect, is there anything that you should expect from Brännö? Well, from a short walk on the island from either of the two ferry ports, you should expect a sense of space. Brännö is mostly made up of fields and even with its 800 inhabitants, there is really little to see and look at on this island.

The main path from Rödsten and Husvik is the route that many people will stick to and this in turn will reveal all of what Brännö has to offer. This includes a café near Rödsten, a folklore museum and the restaurant guesthouse.

When you make it to Husvik, you will find the Brännö Bryggan and the beach area. The beach area is fairly small but has a good section of decking and a diving tower. Compared to other islands, Brännö’s beach is not the best spot to take a dip but is nethertheless adequate.

The largest attraction to the island is Brännö Bryggan which has been mentioned in songs and is frequently visited by many thanks to a special tour ferry that makes a trip here during the summer. On certain days of the week, the Brännö Bryggan is open for people to dance upon, accompanied by a local band that plays traditional songs as well as some 60s favourites. During this time, the island can be very busy so it is advisable to check the restaurant guesthouse for availability.

Brännö also has another neighbouring island called Galterö which is linked by a small earth walkway. The pathway to this island takes some time to negotiate and will eventually lead you to the shoreline. It is here that you find a curious path sign and a small pile of rocks that is supposed to be the resting place of 2 seamen. Galterö itself has little to offer and is basically a huge granite rock. It is also worth mentioning that you will not be alone here. There are some sheep to keep you company!

All in all, Brännö has not got the beach or some of the more typical island homes to look at when you walk from end to end. The main plus point of Brännö is the fact that it does offer a huge slice of history being the home of Lasse Dahlquist and the most strategic of islands for mariners. The traditional Brännö Bryggan is well worth a look although it might not be for everyone.

If you are looking for an island to bath and swim then Brännö is probably not the island of first choice, but if you want to sample some history and take part in traditional Swedish pastimes, this could be the island to visit.

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