One of the most remote islands within Gothenburg is Vinga. In fact, Vinga is 10 nautical miles from the port of Gothenburg and is one of the remotest islands in the archipelago. This also makes Vinga inaccessible by public transport but a special ferry trip frequents the island in the summer months.

If you take the trip here, you will experience a cool sea breeze that is hard to ignore. Something else that will be hard to ignore is the lighthouse which imposes itself as a major landmark of the islands, if not Gothenburg itself. Although not used to warn ships, Vinga lighthouse is still half lit at night for that special added character and tradition.

Vinga was also the birthplace of Evert Taube (Swedish poet laureate) for the first 14 years of his life. His family home has been converted into the Taube museum which documents his life and work. It also includes various tools that were used on the island.

To the right of the Taube museum, there is a small path leading down to the bathing spot. By following a series of small white dots and arrows, you will be guided down some steps and into the bay which is comparable to Vargö. Having a smooth and sandy seabed, Vinga offers a good opportunity to have a quick swim. This island is also well known for some good fishing spots too.

Once you have made your way back to the harbour area, you will find a small kiosk that you will be able to buy small snacks and drinks from. You will also have the opportunity to buy an official Vinga T-shirt here as well.

Although Vinga is only 1km wide, it has huge historical significance and has one of Sweden’s well known landmarks with the lighthouse. Combine this with a good swimming spot and a snack kiosk, Vinga is well recommended to make that special trip as public transport will not bring you here.

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