If there is one island that has a lot going for it, it’s Vrångö. The majority of the island’s population live in the middle of the island which follows the path from the ferry. Here you find quite a number of large houses alongside some smaller summer houses. Towards the west of the island, there is a harbour kiosk which sells fresh fish which is also next door to the everyday shop. Here, you will find speciality seafood such as salmon burgers and shrimps which are always worth sampling.

If you want to escape from the centre of Vrångö, then you have the choice of either a northern nature trail and southern nature trail. If you do decide to take either one of these trails, then be aware that they are fairly long to walk around (2.5km approx). But if you do decide to take them, then you will be able to view the rest of Vrångö and find the three sandy beaches that exist as well.

Vrångö has probably the best beaches on offer when compared to all of the södra skärgården. The first beach to the north features a huge grassy area and a sandy beach that is child friendly. This is the best place to set up a barbeque and features a great place to swim. However, if you follow the path from that beach to the second, you will find an even larger, sandier beach that also has a great place to swim. If this is not enough for you, then walk to the south and bath at the beach called ”Nötholmen” which features a shallow swimming area suitable for children.

So apart from the beaches, the nature trails and the fish kiosk, what has Vrångö ever done for us? Well, I can also mention that Vrångö also has a snack kiosk and the ”rockroom” cafe/restaurant which plays host to some famous Swedish musicians throughout the year.

All in all, Vrångö has a good slice of everything. If you combine the beaches with the nature trails, it should have enough to keep you busy for a while. Although Vrångö does have a lot to offer, it may still not have quite enough for those who dislike beaches and nature trails. Having said that, Vrångö has the added bonuses of the ”rockroom” cafe and the fish kiosk which should keep you occupied for a while.

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