Travelling to Gotland

Travelling to Gotland is not the same as travelling to Gothenburg’s or Stockholm’s archipelagos. The ferry service to Gotland is called Destination Gotland and they leave from Oskarshamn (in the south east of Sweden) and Nynäshamn in Stockholm. As many tourists will most likely be travelling from Stockholm, I will focus my advice on the ferry that leaves from Nynäshamn. The commuter train from Stockholm Central takes roughly an hour to reach Nynäshamn and once you are there, you will have to keep walking straight ahead of you to reach Destination Gotland’s ferry. The ferry takes around three hours to reach Gotland and the journey feels more like a cruise offered by larger ferry companies than the smaller ferries of Waxholmbolaget and Västtrafik. Destination Gotland lays on a good service including a shop, bistro, comfy seats (if you have paid of them!) and a cinema that shows a family orientated movie. So passing the three hours is easier than you may think.

If three hours sounds like an eternity then you can travel by plane. Direct flights to Gotland leave from almost every major airport in Sweden and if you are on holiday in Stockholm, Arlanda and Bromma airports provide the quickest route to Gotland.

If you want to see all of Gotland, then renting a car is a recommendation because it’s not an island you’ll be able to see in just one day. If you have rented a car to see Stockholm then travelling by ferry is the choice for you otherwise you can rent a car in Visby itself.