Fårö, which means sheep island translated, is situated to the north of Gotland and can be reached by yellow transport ferries approx. every thirty minutes. Cars are permitted on the island so if you have rented a car, there isn’t a problem, otherwise you can take a bus to Fårösund and catch the ferry to Fårö. Fårö is approx. 10km from north to south as the crow flies, so it’s a fair walk if you choose to do this.

Fårö is famous for its ice age rock formation known as ”rauk”. The coastline along the north western side of the island is full of these formations with Langhammarshammaren being the best. If the rock formations do not interest you then there is the Ingmar Bergman centre, which exhibits the film director’s life and work on Fårö.

The best tip for a dip on Fårö is the large beach called Sudersandsviken where you will be able to wade out some distance before you are up to your waist in salty Baltic seawater.

All in all, Fårö is an interesting island to explore and you’ll be able to see and do everything in a day before returning to Gotland with the ferry.