One of the most industrial islands is Donsö which is closely linked to Styrsö by a bridge. It plays host to seven shipping companies with 32 tankers between them although Donsö harbour is not used due to size restrictions.

The ferry also uses this harbour which is the only one on the island. Once on land, you will find that you are straight in the middle of Donsö’s community. To your right, you will see a small street with fishing cabins on either side. During August, this street becomes part of the Donsö festival with all of the cabins opening to sell you hand crafted goods. Alongside this, the harbour festival also offers bands and shows as well as small fairground rides and water contests aimed at children.

If you continue down this street, you will find the pizzeria, Willy’s bowling and Donsö cafe. Each of these establishments offer great views of the harbour front and also have outside seating. They all sell traditional Swedish smörgås and if you want to have the experience of bowling on an island, then this is the part of the island to stay on.

However, if you walk straight ahead from the ferry harbour, you will find more local shops including a kiosk, the grocery store and quite a few shops selling electrical and gardening items.

If you head left from the ferry port, you will find the bridge to Styrsö which is well recommended if only for the view. If you do decide to do this, it takes a fair amount of time to reach Styrsö Bratten from here.

Donsö also has a couple of bathing spots. The first spot is close to pizzeria and is called Korsholmen. Although easy to get to, Korsholmen does not offer the same type of swimming spots that you could be accustomed to if you frequently visit the other islands. So, it is well recommended that you should make your way to Lökholmen which is a small island located off the east side of Donsö. This spot offers decking around a small part of the coastline and it easy to take a dip. The site also offers great toilet facilities and even has a small bathing spot dedicated to the elderly. Although this spot is not very sandy, it does offer a small sandy beach for children.

To find the other sandy spots, you will need to head south and take the nature trail. Here you will find a few sandy spots where you can also take a dip and be fairly private at the same time. The bathing spots here are not hugely popular when compared to Lökholmen, but they do offer a quiet escape if that is what you are after.

The aforementioned nature trail loops around the south part of the island and offers a fairly long walk. Aside from the flora and fauna, the walk offers a great viewpoint (called Myrevale) which is 45 metres above sea level. From here, you can capture a 360° of the sea and small islands that are close by.

All in all, Donsö offers up a huge slice of something to do. Along with the bowling alley and cafes, you also have the option to either walk over the bridge to Styrsö or walk the nature trail and take in some great views. The beach areas are perhaps not on par with Vrångö but they do offer that extra element if you want to take it easy and swim. A visit to Donsö is well recommended and if you do happen to catch the harbour festival, you will not want to leave.

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