Styrsö is one of the largest islands in the southern archipelago and has been long associated with farming. Even up until this day, locally grown produce is still stocked in the local supermarket.

Aside from the farming association, Styrsö is the only island to have 3 ferry ports, namely Skäret, Bratten and Tången. The recommended ferry port for this island would be Bratten because it drops you within easy reach of most of the top facilities on Styrsö. Here, you will find a couple of cafés and if you take a small walk to your right, you will find Bratten beach. This beach area offers a toilet and disabled facilities and although it is not the sandiest of beaches, it does have the advantage of being situated quite close to the main area of Styrsö.

If you are feeling more energetic and like to walk, then try walking to the left of Bratten, towards Skäret. Here you will walk past the old people’s home and Pensionat Styrsö Skäret, one of the few hotel and bars situated within the southern archipelago. If you keep walking in this direction, you will find the bridge that links to Donsö. If you have the time, make sure you walk across this bridge and take in the view of Donsö.

If you chose to walk straight ahead from Bratten, then you will take in the populated part of Styrsö. It has been said that there are approximately 1400 people that live on Styrsö which has a strong sense of community. Along the path that leads to Tången, you will see many examples of island homes and the local supermarket which is handy to visit to stock up on supplies.

If you continue on the path from the supermarket and head west, you will find another beach area called Uttervik. This beach has good toilet facilities and also has a small walkway linking to a small granite island. If you want a place to escape and be by yourself, then you should be able to find a spot here.

The path to the north of the supermarket will take you to the ferry port of Tången which has a café. So, if you are waiting for the ferry here, it is possible to grab a coffee and take it easy.

With Styrsö being the largest of the islands and the most built up, there aren’t any nature trails that would compare with some of the other islands. Despite this, Styrsö does offer a multitude of places to go and has the added option of walking to Donsö. If you are looking for an island that offers up a slice of sandy beaches, cafes and walks, then this is the ideal place for you.

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