If there is one island that you might hear mentioned a lot then it’s Utö. One of the largest islands in the south, Utö can easily eat up your time if you are not careful. A majority of the old village of Utö lies in the Utö Kvarn (Utö Mill) area and you’ll easily recognise this ferry stop because of the windmill that is situated close by. It’s also here that you’ll find a small café and shop as well as the opportunity to hire bikes which you will want to do if you plan on seeing a lot of this island.

If you walk directly straight in front of you from the ferry port, you will come across the old mine which is fenced off to the general public. This doesn’t stop you from looking if you are interested though!  If you walked to your left, you will be walking through a forest nature trail until you come to the coastline. Sorry! There are no beaches here but you get a good view nonetheless. If you walked to your right (or should that be biked), then you will be travelling past and towards the rest of Utö which is quite extensive. Along the way, you will go past another small village as you continue on a main road that really looks as if it is part of the mainland. Be aware that cars are allowed to drive here and it does take away some of the charm that this island has.

If you have continued on this path, you will probably see some tanks parked up on a small hill which is part of an old army base situated here. It makes for a good snapshot. If you have gone past the tanks then you will be on your way to Ålö which is joined to Utö by a bridge. The main swimspot is at Stora Sand.. (isn’t that name used somewhere else.. hmmm!) which offers up a nice sandy beach. There are some other swimming spots but this is by far the most recommended and best spot if that is what you are looking for.

Most of you will probably catch the ferry to Utö Kvarn and spend some time there. If you are looking to take it easy and want to eat then this is recommended. If you are looking for a bathing spot then it’s probably best to catch the ferry to Ålö, go across the bridge and go to Stora Sand as the other swimming spots on Utö aren’t worth comparing to it.

All in all, Utö is a nice island although some of it feels just a little bit too much like the mainland. If you want to see it all, you’ll need a bike.

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