Köpstadsö will probably be the second stop for most people travelling to Styrsö or Vrångö. Directly translated, Köpstadsö means ”Buy City Island” which doesn’t necessarily mean that this island is up for sale or that there is anything to buy on it. Known as Kössö to the locals, Köpstadsö is one of the smaller islands does not impress on first glance. The harbour is made up of wheel barrows and rubbish skips and you would not really think to get off the ferry and look around at this point. But upon turning the corner and overlooking this initial blip, Köpstadsö is actually an impressive and nice island to visit.

The path from the harbour leads directly into the heart of the island and if you stick to the path, it will double back on itself and bring you back to where you started. So although the island is quite small, it is fairly easy to find yourself back at the start again. Having said that, Köpstadsö gives you the sense of a compact community, walking down small paths with houses either side of you.

If you wander off the main path and take some of the country trails, these will lead you to the bathing spots of which there are two. The first spot features decking around a small part of the coastline where it is fairly easy to take a swim and take it easy. The second path takes around 10 minutes to reach the end and is the trail that leads off from a small football pitch. If you follow this path, you will eventually get to a hidden beach that feels as if you have just been stranded from a boat accident. The forest offers a small hedged doorway to the sandy beach where it easy to take a dip and is very secluded.

Apart from that, Köpstadsö has a small cafe towards the harbour area but has no convenience store, so it is recommended that you bring your own food if you plan to stay for a while. With ferries running frequently here, Köpstadsö is well recommended for a visit and a swim but has little to offer in the way of things to do. That having been said, the island has its own charm and has the most unique hidden beach that you will see if you visit all of the södra skärgården.

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