Often known to be the Stureplan of the archipelago, Sandhamn is one of the better known islands in Stockholm and it’s easy to understand why. The ferry drops you off in downtown Sandhamn, tempting you with shops, restaurants and kiosks and is comparable with Mastrand’s front promenade.

The paths to your left will bring you to the hotel and restaurant and through into the forest area. If you keep walking through the forest, you will eventually see golden sandy beaches that are perfect for that dip in the ocean. Once you are done with the beaches, you can go back the way you came or continue round and go deeper into the forest. If you choose to do this, you will be looking at summer homes aplenty before eventually coming back to the start again. One of the landmarks on this island is the communication tower, so if you spot this while you are lost and confused, you’ll know which direction to go.

If you took the path to your left, then you’ll be walking through the built up area of Sandhamn, going past a convenience store and Sandhamn’s Värdshus (restaurant to you and me). If you keep wandering around this area, you’ll probably go past a ye olde looking café called Strindberg’s Gården and another hotel.  Continue walking to your right and you will find a path going through the forest again and towards the far end of the island. Here you will find another sandy beach alongside a small islet that is reachable by a small bridge made out of a barrel.

Sandhamn is well recommended for a number of reasons. The first is the massive amount of sandy beaches that exist on it that also means plenty of spots to take a swim. The second is that there are restaurants, café and shops here so if you have forgotten that picnic, you won’t go hungry. The third for some will be the copious amount of trails going through thick forest that’ll make you quickly forget that you are somewhere near humanity. The fourth and final reason to come to Sandhamn is that it is easy to reach because of its notoriety, attracting several ferry services and private boats to its shores. A very recommended island to visit.

Note: Photos coming soon!

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