Although Asperö has two ferry harbours, it is no larger than Köpstadsö. So why two ferry harbours? Well, the northern harbour will drop you off into the populated part of the island and if you look immediately to the right, you will see one of the smallest museums to exist. The musuem’s subject is about early tools to be used on the island and has another smaller premises to handle the overspill of items. To the left of the harbour, there are some small fishing cabins which will lead around to a dead end. To the right of the harbour, you will see a path leading to ”krabbegården” which is the start of one of nature trails. If you follow this path, you will loop around and rejoin the main path again.

The path that leads directly in front of you will take you to the bathing area and towards the second nature path. If you choose the nature path, then expect a long walk around the southern part of Asperö which will eventually lead you to Östra Asperö. This ferry harbour will drop you into the uninhabited part of Asperö but will also put you really close to the bathing area too.

The bathing area consists of a small playground, decking around the coastline and a diving board for those who are adventurous. Although it is possible to wade out into the water, the seabed is lined with sharp shells and seaweed, so this is not advisable. However, there is a small pier to lower yourself in gently.

After leaving the bathing area, it is advisable to return to Norra Asperö as ferries run infrequently at Östra Asperö. Along the way, you will pass a convenience store and the smaller part of the aforementioned museum.

Asperö is a large island trapped in a small island’s coastline. If you try and take in everything on this island, you can take up quite a number of hours. Especially walking around the nature trails that seem to never end. Of course, not that they are bad nature trails. They offer some great views of the sea and you will also see some marshland on the way. Combine these trails with the museum and the bathing area and you will be looking at some time spent.

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