Travelling to the Gothenburg Islands

GOTHENBURG – The southern archipelago

The tourist card.                                                  The Västtrafik card.

Travelling to the southern archipelago couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is buy a ticket for the tram and catch tram 11 to Saltholmen. Once at Saltholmen, just pick your island of choice from the ferries that are waiting there and that’s it!

There are a variety of choices for how you can buy a ticket. You can buy simple tickets that are available from the newsagent Pressbyrån (there’s one in the middle of Drottningtorget) or Västtrafik in the Nils Ericsson Terminal. For those of you on a short break, you might want to consider the tourist card available at the tourist bureaus. You can buy a 24hr or 48hr card and will also get you into the museums in town too. If you are staying any longer, then you might want to consider buying a weekly or monthly card available from Västtrafik again.

GOTHENBURG – The Northern Archipelago

The same method of paying for your ticket applies as above with the only exception being that you will pay slightly more for a fare because the northern archipelago is slightly further away. To get to this islands, you will need to catch the bus to Lilla Varholmen with bus 240 from the Nils Ericsson Terminal.