Tryggö is situated on 2 hours north of Gothenburg near Kungshamn / Smögen. reaching this island is tricky to reach if you haven’t got your own car. The best way to Tryggö is to take the road to Ramsvik and take a left when you go over the canal. At the end of the road, you will then need to walk and hopefully navigate over the water which you will need to do at low tide.

The only reason to go to Tryggö is take in the viking history. Tryggö is named after King Trygg and it’s his grave you will see in front of you after you have climbed and walked on the remains of a viking road. It’s certainly something to see and it’s surprising that this island has not been sealed off and made a tourist attraction.

As for the rest of the island, it is really just a big rock floating in the ocean and you won’t find anything else other than the grave, the road and some trees so if you are looking for a beach or swimming spot – think again!

All in all, Tryggö is only an island you should visit if you are interested in viking history, have a car and some spare time.

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