The very first island that we visited was the well known island of Smögen. Famous for being a party island, Smögen has welcomed many including Diana Ross! Situated 2 hours north of Gothenburg, you will need to catch a bus from Nils Ericsson Terminal. During the summer months, this bus service can be very crowded and extra buses are usually laid on as a result.

When you arrive, you will notice how built up Smögen actually is. Most of the houses are residential and many people count themselves lucky to live here. As soon as you start to walk around, you will spot many local businesses including restaurants, clothes and book shops. The main attraction in the centre of Smögen is the pier that stretches right around one section of it. It has had a lot of renovation work done to it in recent times as the old timber work was rotting away and it is now an easier walk to do. Along the pier, you will find many local shops that sell home made items as well as shoes and clothes. It has been known for some people to fall into the water off the pier here but this is usually due to them drinking too much and is a rare occurrence.

There is a crazy golf course towards the west end of the pier where you can also buy ice creams. There are also 2 spots to swim here that are quite close by. If you have travelled by car, there is a main road that goes past the pier and across into a smaller inlet of the island. Towards the end of this road, you will find plenty of boat yards and an open car park where you will also get a good view of the sea and the boats that frequently sail past.

Right in the centre of Smögen, you’ll probably be wondering what the giant mushroom shaped building is. This is Smögen’s water tower and you will get a great view from here if you make it up the steep hill towards it. Towards the bridge end of the island, there is a part of Smögen called Hasselö that features another bathing spot along with a supermarket.

Along with a spa, there is very little that Smögen can’t offer you which is why it’s such a popular spot for Swedes and Norwegians during midsummer. The only minus side to Smögen for some will be the lack of sandy beaches and nature trails but when you have such a beautiful one as this one, you won’t begrudge it lacking those things.

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