The longest journey you can make from Gothenburg to the Öckerö islands is to the island of Rörö. Hailed as being one of the three north islands, Rörö has the privilege of being able to see Marstrand from a distance.

Although the island is fairly big, most of Rörö is actually covered by countryside and rocks. In fact, on the biggest things to hit you is the amount of rocks. For example, if you follow one of the extensive nature trails to the north, you will encounter one of the most difficult nature trails to negotiate. Not only will have a colossal amount of rocks to watch out for, you will also have to look out for tree roots that will try and trip you up.

But it’s not all bad. If you follow the nature trail, you will find a great swimming spot called “Ers vik” which is well maintained and an extremely good spot to wade out into the sea. If you decided to keep on the nature trail, you will find yourself walking very close to the crashing sea and at one point you will be surrounded by rocks as far as the eye can see. Having an almost eerie feel to it, the nature trail has the added bonus of leading to a view of Marstrand in the distance which is something to behold. If you have made it to this point, you will also get the feeling that you are in the middle of nowhere and will have to make you way back to civilisation.

Rörö’s civilisation is reassuringly better than being surrounded by rocks. There is a supermarket for any shopping needs and the harbour area is littered with small cafés and a book shop. Rörö also has some stunning island homes to look at and towards the east, there is another large beach called “Gula Skären”. This beach is a great place to take a dip and has a smooth seabed to wade out with.

Altogether, Rörö is quite a nice island with a view of Marstrand on offer. If the difficult nature trail is not for your poor feet, then there are a few cafés to keep you occupied with the added bonuses of a couple of beaches that are easy to reach.

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