Öckerö is the main island that the northern archipelago has named itself after as a community but does that necessarily mean that it is the best island in the north?

Upon setting foot on the island, you will find that most of the ferry area is quite industrial with large buildings to your left and the main straight ahead. If you follow the road straight ahead of you, you will find the main headquarters for the whole northern archipelago in the form of a large glass building.

A bit further on, you will reach the harbour area that has a couple of restaurants to offer as well as a cash machine and a chemist. If you carry on over the roundabout and take the second left, you will reach the new Öckerö church which is the most impressive sight on the island. Here, you will also see Öckerö’s old church which has been well maintained.

If you continue down the road and make it to the end, you will find a swimming spot which is fairly modest and ok to take a break. To reach the second beach, you will need to walk north and take a nature trail. Although the trail itself is ok, you will reach the end of it when you reach a rubbish tip which isn’t the best of ways to end a nice nature walk. When you reach this point, you will be only a small walk away from beach number 2 which is also a modest area to take a quick break.

Although there is another nature trail on the island, Öckerö suffers from a lack of a true island feel when compared to a majority of the other islands. The main reason for this is probably because the roads that divide up the island are made very obvious with high kerbs and normal big road signs that point back to Gothenburg. It is also this reason that Öckerö is made to feel like it is an island that you just pass through to reach somewhere else. Although Öckerö has the old church and a few restaurants, it doesn’t offer the same feel as some of the other islands and with Hönö so close, you may find yourself just walking over the bridge.

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