If you have already been to Hälsö then you would have seen Källö-Knippla from a distance. Although it looks awesome from a distance, is it really awesome when you get up close with Knippla? Although the island is the same size as Hyppeln, Källö-Knippla has quite a lot to offer. In fact, when compared to Öckerö, it almost equals it in terms of things to do.

The harbour area is the main place to find all that Källö-Knippla has to offer. Here you find a restaurant / conference facility as well as a grill, yachting business and a sea taxi. Källö-Knippla also has a normal supermarket for general shopping.

There is also a hostel for travellers to stay in which is a good idea considering that Källö-Knippla only has 4 public ferries visit it in 1 day.

The island itself is made up of some very typical looking island homes and some very hilly roads that will take a lot out of you if you decide to walk around. The Källö part of the island is a prime example of this. If you decide to hike around this area, then be prepared from some tough climbing.

Although there aren’t any nature trails, Källö-Knippla does offer a fairly good beach with volleyball court. This area has a good portion of decking, diving and bathing area to take it easy.

To sum up, Källö-Knippla has a decent amount of things to do despite being tiny. In a way, this only adds to the charm of the island and is well worthy checking out if only for the restaurant that is surrounded by water.

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