Take away Rörö and you have Hyppeln that would be the island furthest away from Lilla Varholmen. Quoted as being one of the “Northern islands”, Hyppeln as the distinction of being one of 3 islands that is unique.

Comparable to Källö-Knippla, Hyppeln is quite small but has a fair amount to see. The ferry drops you off in the centre and you will immediately spot the small convenience store and probably the restaurant which is further to the left.

If you take a walk to the north of this area, then you will see most of the island homes that link you up with the nature trail. This nature trail loops around the northern part of the island and will eventually lead you to the only swimming area. Along the way, you will have to be careful as the trail is very rocky and is sometimes hard to negotiate.

The swimming area itself is well looked after and fairly large taking into consideration that Hyppeln is quite small. It is easy to take a swim here and the seabed is fairly smooth allowing you to take a break here.

The nature trail will eventually lead you back to the harbour area again where you can rest your feet on the benches provided.

Hyppeln is not really an island to spend a day on but is worth a visit if you are in the area of Burö on Hälsö and fancy a ferry trip to somewhere different.

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