Grötö & Kalvsund

Two of the smallest islands in the northern archipelago are Kalvsund and Grötö. They are roughly the same size as Stora Förö and Knarrholmen in the south with the only difference being the accessibility to reach them being easier. If you travel to Björkö, you have the option of visiting both these islands by use of the small ferry based at Framnäs.

Kalvsund has some fantastic looking homes to look at and also has a café right on the harbour front. Although it does not take a long time to see this island, there is a small beach area to the north which offers a great escape.

Grötö is the only island that has any oak trees left and is the only island to offer disabled access. In fact there is a special society called “Västerhav” which has been especially set up to cater for the disabled. The swimming area here has a special chair that can be lowered into the water alongside the more familiar pier and ladders.

Although you couldn’t spend a whole day on these islands, they do offer their own sense of character and are easily accessed through the ferry service from Björkö.

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