By using one of the most impressive bridges connecting Öckerö, Hönö and Hälsö together, you can also access Fotö (which means “Foot” island). Although a relatively tiny island, Fotö has a lot of charm and has a few things that you ought to see.

Upon walking over the bridge from Hönö, you will find yourself right in the heart of Fotö which has great examples of island homes. Comparable to Asperö in the southern archipelago, Fotö has a large number of fishing huts and a small harbour area. Here you find a small café which will allow you take in the scenic harbour area.

If you take a walk north of the harbour area (along Egnahemsvägen), you will find the only beach area to the right. Here, you will find a small beach with a pier featuring a diving platform. It is fairly easy to swim here because of the smooth seabed and because it is a fairly enclosed area.

If you chose to walk north west of the harbour area, you will find a fairly rough route over the rocks towards two beacons which you might have seen from the main Fotö bus stop. If you take this route, you will find a small bridge that links to a small group of rocks where the sea is rough.

All in all, Fotö is a small island that does not take long to see but does have the charm of having some typical island scenery and homes to look at. With the small beach and huge white beacons to take a look at, Fotö has something to offer and if you do see it all, you have the bridge back to Hönö to walk over.

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