Alongside Öckerö and Hönö, Björkö (meaning “beech” island) is one of the largest islands in the northern archipelago. Once on Björkö, you will also have the choice of travelling to other islands if you take a left at the very first turn off on the main road. From here, a small boat is ready to take you across to Kalvsund and Grötö, two of the smaller islands in the north.

If you follow the main road, you will find yourself passing some fairly large houses and will eventually end up in the main centre of Björkö. On this road, you will pass a hotel and a supermarket before you reach the main harbour area.

The harbour area has a handful of places to check out including a small convenience shop, a pizzeria and boat club. If you walk north of the harbour, you will find a good swimming spot which overlooks Källö-Knippla which is a superb spot to take a break if only for the view. The swimming spot itself has the usual pier to lower yourself in and small amount of sandy beach which is usually the kids area.

With Björkö being fairly large, it offers a large nature trail area to the north with extra bathing spots to enjoy. If you want to take these nature trails, you have to give yourself a fair amount of time to see it all.

Although Björkö takes a while to get around, it may not offer as many sightseeing places or things to do when compared to Hönö. Apart from this minor complaint, the harbour area offers a few shops and cafés to sit and take it easy. Combine this with the great swimming spot overlooking Källö-Knippla and the extensive nature trails, you should find yourself spending a day here if you want to do everything. You also have the option of travelling to Kalvsund, Grötö and Öckerö from here which is also a bonus if you want to see something different.

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