Welcome to Gothenburg's Archipelago!
The islands off the coast of Gothenburg are frequently visited by locals and tourists alike. It’s mainly due to their charm and the fact that no cars are allowed within the southern archipelago. The southern archipelago could only be reached by private boats approximately 10 years ago but after public transport announced ferries to the islands, it opened them up to an eager public who wanted to see them for themselves if they hadn’t already.
The northern archipelago is not actually a part of Gothenburg but it still sees itself as being so. These islands are labelled under the Öckerö community and are separate from the south. Cars are allowed on these islands along with the public buses which is the main solution got tourists wanting to visit. Although the roads don’t detract too much from their beauty, some of the northern islands can start to feel like part of a city that just happen to float in the water. But don’t be put off visiting them, especially Hönö and Knippla.

Alongside these groups of islands, I have also included a few of the other islands the line the west’s coastline. The island of Marstrand is easy to reach from Gothenburg but some of the others require a 2 hour journey further north to reach.

Whatever you decide to do, we are sure you will find the island that suits you on the west coast.